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I had got something stuck in my eye (thought it was just an eyelash) the night before, used some eye drops to flush it out and still I felt it, the next morning I woke up to a feeling of what I imagine sandpaper to the eyeball would feel like, every time I blinked, while not very painful, it was highly annoying more than anything, called around to get in to an eye doctor, not only did they get me in, but it was within the same hour I called to schedule an appt! Amazingly fast (even in the waiting room, I sat MAYBE 3min!), good, and not even a follow-up just to get extra insurance money, bc it was unnecessary! Antibiotics to make sure no infection, whatever it was, came out on its own but left a little scratch before it departed, I highly recommend Butler Eye Care LLC!

- The Olson's. - Google Review

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